What Is your Peace?


Each of us has a different reset button, that activity, emotional base or connection that allows us to feel true peace.  I'm talking about the peace where you feel comfortable being in your own company, without a million thoughts racing around your head, which you currently avoid dealing with by being busy the whole time.  You can be around others who normally drain you ar fill you with uncertainty or self-criticism without getting swept away by their energy that is not in your best interest. By learning to control your energy, who you give it to and what you get in return, you can become energetically self sufficient.


Finding that peace is what I do.  Using a range of tools and my own intuitive abilities, I can drill down into what you would truly make you feel happier with your life, and identify what is stopping you.  This may involve a trip into your astrological natal chart, a dance with the tarot or oracle, or a conversation with my guides (or yours!) to find out what message you need to hear!


But seeking that peace can be scary (and that's probably why you haven't looked for it before) so I also offer you spiritual protection, an energetic hug that keeps you safe while you work through the real reasons why you are not where you want to be.  I'm not here to do the work for you - but I will be with you every step of your journey.  


If you are ready to feel less tired, more happy, less lost and more found, then let's talk.



Is It Fate You Are Reading This?



You hear a lot of people talking about their fate, and their destiny.  With so many reality talent shows these days, it's hard not to hear of someone who feels destined to embarrass themselves on national TV.  I always find the idea of destiny an interesting one - primarily because of how we react to it.


So that we are clear - there IS a difference between fate and destiny, and it is really quite logical if you think about it.  Destiny is that path that we are all supposed to lead, our true purpose, our own 'destination'.  If we have been reborn, then this is the way we are supposed to go.  However, because we also have free will we can always turn our backs on this purpose and go run off in a new direction.  Fate is what happens when we try this - if we are going the wrong way, it is the STOP sign that makes us turn round.  or maybe not - you still have the choice to ignore it, but then you get just plain silly.


I think it is strange in a way that, if we have been created by a higher being to live a particular life - then why give us the option to not follow it? You'd think they wouldn't go to all that trouble if we could just ignore it?  What is so important about free will that it is seen as necessary for us?  The way I choose to answer this revolves around the purpose of why we are ALL here - why create the world at all?


The why is really important - if we are all supposed to make our way back to the spiritually perfect version of us, then does it make sense to put us in a position where we could be oblivious to it even existing?  It's the same as a snail race (stay with me here) - just because you draw pretty race tracks and colour the shells of the snails different colours - doesn't mean they know it is a race.  Going off snails and back onto the spirit - I think the reason we are put through these lessons and have to work towards our destiny and not just be handed it on a plate, is because it is the journey that counts.  When you look at the Tree of Life and you start investigating the various parts, it becomes clear very quickly that  you cannot go back up to the top of the tree while you are ignorant of certain key areas.  Your soul, however pure it may be, doesn't know everything it needs to know to be able to function properly at the spirit level.  It's like a child - you wouldn't necessarily give a small child a lollipop sign and go and tell them to be a lollipop lady or man, just because they have seen them do it once or twice.  It's not only knowledge but how to apply that knowledge that it is important.


From the soul's perspective then, it may know everything that it has ever learnt - but it may not know how to use that in the best way possible.  So it is possible for your destiny to be not just gaining new knowledge about situations - but also applying what has been learnt before.  It's that path that says - OK, last time we learnt X - now let's see how you apply it.  An example of this is probably the easiest way to explain.  Say you were a rich person in your previous life, but you were an atrocious human being.  You despised those less fortunate than yourself and worked hard to make not just more money than everyone else but to destroy as many people's lives as possible (look, we can't all have been saints before).  So, whilst you had the knowledge on how to be financially secure, you so badly abused it that this time you have come back to learn how to treat money and people with respect and dignity.  So your destiny or path this time round may be far tougher, with some real hardship and the introduction of some extraordinary people in your life - all you have to do is notice them.  Now, you may be so wound up because you are no longer rich that you may spend even more of your time obsessing over how to make more and more money.  You are free to do this, but will you succeed?  Maybe, but more likely is that every time you get close 'Fate' cuts in and stops you in your tracks.  Fate can tell us that we have missed a step, or gone completely wrong and need to retrace our steps to where it all started going pear-shaped.  

That's why sometimes life seems so impossibly hard.  The insightful of us will look at that and think "Am I being told something here?"  But most people will keep on and on and on until they get bitter, and disillusioned and potentially destined to live yet another life that is very similar to this to see if they can get it right next time.  So if we look out for those 'fateful' moments, not only can it make us grateful that we are paying enough attention to see when a situation is working or not, but it can also give us pointers on what our destiny for this life may be.  It pays to keep your eyes open, for sure.


There is one element of this whole fate and destiny discussion that needs to be covered and that is - what happens if you don't like the destiny that seems to be given to you?  It's not unheard of - you may have an idea of why you are here but it is so hard, or the cost of that destiny is so high that you are simply not prepared to accept it.  No matter how many times Fate steps in to guide you back on track, no matter how tough it is to keep moving one step forward and three steps back - it is still preferable to following the route you should be.  I'm not going to lie - I think about this on my own part - when I finally find out what my true destiny is, will I be prepared to do it?  Will I put my head in the sand and pretend I never got the memo?   Will I be strong enough to accept whatever it is that I am here to do?  At this point I don't know - I just trust that when that time comes, I will be ready to make an informed choice and not one based on stubbornness or fear.

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