It’s not important what you believe in - it just matters that you believe in something

I love the complexity and variety of ways that humanity chooses to view their world and their interpretation of it. I think you get peace in your soul if you are able to find a structure that helps you make sense of the world and your place in it. Humans have always looked to the skies and to the world around them for clues and even in a world of growing technology and a sense that we have uncovered all of life’s mysteries, we still look to the stars to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves.

I think of myself as spiritual because I have found a way of thinking about the world that works for me, but I also realise that the main intention behind any belief system is to make you feel calmer, and give you a sense that you can make sense of a world that feels so chaotic at times. I’m not asking that you accept my interpretation as the only ‘one truth’ because no such thing exists - but if what I say and how I say it connects with you, then I’m glad to welcome you to this space.

In order to create safe space to discuss without fear of criticism, negative responses or just rejection, I don’t post content on a website that then gets shared by SEO and the algorithms that assume that knowledge must be given to everyone as soon as they want it.

There are two ways to interact with me and my work.

The first is to sign up for my free newsletter to receive a monthly download of content that gives a spiritual interpretation of how you might be feeling and why you might be feeling it. There are responses to things I have been made aware of and also subscribers are encouraged to contact me to bring up questions that they have always wanted answers to. The link to subscribe is below - for full transparency it may be used for marketing purposes at some points, but you are free to unsubscribe at any point.

The second way is to join my Soul’s Inner Circle - for just £1 per month, there is a lot more content, including a blog, audio recordings of discussions, access to recorded online events, a discussion area and meditations. The Soul’s Inner Circle allows our conversation to be more two way and you can interact with me about any questions you may have and get them answered quicker than it would via the newsletter.

I hope that you choose to join Peace For Your Soul and begin to really get comfortable with what you believe in and how to use it practically to help you navigate your life. Being human is tough and some suffer more than others. This is space for you to feel that someone has always got your back.

“There’s about thirty years of pain lifted off my shoulders and floating around the ceiling right now. Whatever comes, I’m ready. Us crossing paths was no coincidence. I have never met anyone as insightful and warm as you- such trust and faith in the universe and it’s messages now. Thank you for gifting me with that - and more besides!”
— SB