What Am I Doing Here?

It has taken me a long time to accept my purpose as a Spiritual Intuitive and Protector - my first question, in my first spiritual development workshop, was how to get rid of it!!  I have been aware of a spiritual world since I was little, but for a long time it scared me, particularly as those around me didn’t seem to sense what I did.  I was both fascinated and petrified of ghost and horror stories, because while I recognised they were fiction, I also felt the grain of truth running through them.  For much of my life I tried to answer the pull inside of me by turning to religion, which in the end I found too restrictive - I wanted to believe in everything, not just one version of events!  Eventually just over 16 years ago, I realised that I needed to explore this world a little more and at the same time I found the Qaballah through my teacher and school, The Order of the White Lion (www.orderofthewhitelion.com).  Through the Tree of Life and the wisdom I found there, I found a way of making sense of my world, that accepted everything that I somehow knew deep down already but put it into a structure and a format that was both practical and spiritual at the same time.  Though it takes far more years to learn the Qaballah in its entirety, a journey that I continue to be on, I have discovered enough about my purpose and function to know that I am here to protect others.  I have this connection with the Universe in order to keep others safe, to walk with them on their journey so that they have security, safety and reassurance while they grow and evolve.  


You are Safe.  You are Loved.  You are Protected.

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