Strength - both physical and mental - are required when we are asked to do something greater than we have done before. We build strength in order to handle more. Physical strength is tangible, and increasing it feels achievable because there is a formula, a proven system of exercise and nutrition that science has proven works. Mental and emotional strength is intangible, and because of this, it feels more difficult to find and maintain. But, much as you would with physical exercise, repeated practice of strengthening your mind and processing your emotions can make it easier to step up when needed.
Meditation helps in strengthening the mind, as it provides the brain with time to focus on what it needs to deal with and move on from, rather than keep balancing like a spinning plate. Quiet reflection provides insights that you don't get elsewhere, and putting in a reminder that you are strong, that you are capable of dealing with whatever life throws at you, and that you will figure out any problem that comes your way helps that emotional and mental muscle to develop and grow, just as much as the muscles on our bodies.
Strength can also be found in others - in our tribes, the people who are with us and around us and who make us feel bigger and more powerful because they are there for if we fall. We can only support others if we accept support from others - and we collectively strengthen as a whole.
Today, while you exercise your body, exercise your mind to be bigger, better, bolder.

Authentic Self

When you show your authentic self, you may trigger some negative emotions in others. These have nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them. As we hear truth, we cannot help but hold a mirror up to our own version of life that we are living and if it isn't what we know we need or want, then it is easier to try to hurt the other person than accept that hurt within.
If you know what you are doing is good at soul level, then carry on with what you are doing and leave others to deal with the energy they create.


Are you getting the message to slow down?
At this time of year we are busier than ever, creating that 'perfect' Christmas and rushing from event to event. But this is also the time of year that nature slows down and beds in for a winter, animals start to hibernate and you may find yourself feel that it is more difficult to feel energised, preferring instead quiet nights, cosy fires and spontaneous napping on the sofa. These two extremes can leave us feeling more pressure than ever, do we rush around doing everything, or do we go slow? For me, what is the point of being busy if you are in such a rush, you can't appreciate any of the things you are frantically doing? I like the fact that at this time of year I get to review the year, see all of the progress and growth I have had this year, and start to think about what we want to manifest next year. I like that my body is trying to sync with nature, and take it easy, preparing for the spring when my energy will go back up and I will feel the push to create and strive forward once again.
So make sure you get some time over this festive period to switch off and tune out of the mayhem, and tune into the natural tendency to nurture and care for yourself.

Toxic People

What do you do when you have to deal with toxic people? Sometimes you can avoid them, but there will be times when you can't and that can be stressful.
My tip for dealing with people who try to ruin your vibe is a simple two stage process: 1 - Set your intention that your energy is not going to be affected by people around you, and this provides a shield against them. 2 - Visualise a mirror in front of you, with the reflective side facing out. As the person directs any hostility or animosity towards you, the 'mirror' repels that energy back to them, protecting you and giving them a taste of what they put out to the world.
Remember also that, however hostile they are, it's not your job to teach them the right way to behave, or to punish them for bad behaviour. The Universe is more than capable of balancing out their behaviour and help them learn the lessons on their own, but it will happen in its own time. If you wait around for your revenge, it then creates a negative vibe for you, and does little to them.

Lightbulb Moment

The most lightbulb moment of my week was listening and reading the Motivation Manifesto from Brendon Burchard - Live. Love. Matter. :

"Too many have fled this moment for yesterday or tomorrow, dreaming of a time and place they would rather be. To what result? Those who are alive but who are in a sense living in a different time from now are ghosts. They are never fully seen or sensed by their loved ones; THE BOUNTY OF THE UNIVERSE CANNOT FIND THEM TO GIFT THEM; they are dissipated, absent from the roll call of Now."
For me, this is such a powerful reminder of the power of the present. We try to manifest the life we want, and so we have to have a picture of the future, but we shouldn't stay there, because we have to stay in the present for it to be manifested in the present.
I am always telling my clients about keeping present, because that is where the magic happens.

Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are sticky, they hold on to your energy 'just in case' - just in case there is ever a time when you may experience that pain or hurt or fear again. Our egos tell us that we need to hold onto those emotions just in case' but really, what purpose does it serve? Does hurting now stop hurting later? Of course not. Dealing with and processing the pain eases it off, softens it so that you don't feel it any more.
So if you find yourself constantly 'ready' for pain, hurt, fear or anger, if you feel like you are primed for that all of the time, take a few moments to take some deep breaths, and on each exhale, think "I know this emotion now, I don't need to hold onto it any more," and picture it being blown out of your body on the breath.
Negative emotions will happen, as human beings we will always feel a mixture, a balance of both postive and negative. But don't hold onto those emotions 'just in case' - you don't need to.

Brene Brown

I am a big fan of Brené Brown - I love the way she shares her truth and insights through her research and the struggle she has in accepting it in her own life. I relate a lot to her frustration in having no choice but to embrace vulnerability to be strong!! I was watching her Super Soul Sunday talk about BRAVING with my daughter last week, and Brene talks about the marble jar that gets filled with marbles as people do the small things that make us open up to them and trust them. But I was left wondering - what about the people who don't have marble jar friends? If you have a large circle of friends then you can look at them and see which ones have which marbles, but what about those who don't have (or don't feel they have) friends of this sort, or indeed any sort? Loneliness and isolation are such painful things to have to accept in society, but it does exist, and not everyone will start out having people to connect with, and so their path into vulnerability may be to actually start trying to reach out and find them. But that is so hard to ask someone to step into vulnerability - I know it is about stepping into the arena but honestly, not while the lions are still free, surely?!?!
And then it dawned on me (actually it was more like a very insistent voice telling me until I listened!) - that is what I am. Peace For Your Soul is for more than inspirational quotes and musings, and helping people through their dark times - it is also my mission to be the marble jar friend for those who don't have one. I'm not the permanent marble jar friend but I want to be the lighthouse, the beacon that guides the lost back into connection. Because that is how I protect people and protect their spirits - and that is what i am here for. Thank you, Brené Brown, as always

JK Rowling

I love this quote from the awesome JK Rowling:

"I don't think that everyone should believe in magic, but I don't think I trust anyone who doesn't."

We all believe our own things, and the challenge isn't to make everyone think like us but to live in harmony with those who don't. No one story is right, and doesn't take precedence.

One Foot In Front Of The Other

You may find it tiring to keep going some days, when just putting one foot in front of the other feels almost impossible. I think of it like walking through quicksand - you can move but only just. And all the time, as you try to summon up the energy to make the move, your brain is loudly questioning your judgement - is this worth it? What's the point of trying? Why make the effort? Getting yourself to move with all of this resistance both physically and mentally is really difficult and many people wouldn't even try - they would let the mind win, try again tomorrow, I'm not strong enough.
So if you are putting one foot in front of the other, if you are hearing the voices but have faith and hope in your heart that things will get better, if you make the effort when everything tells you not to - you are awesome.

What Is Your Backup Plan?

Sometimes having an escape route, a backup plan, a plan B, are subtle signs to the Universe that we don't fully trust that it will work in our favour, so we have a way out. Unfortunately this also means that if we won't give 100%, neither will the Universe, and we are more likely to fail than succeed with our dreams.
But, and rather annoyingly, sometimes not having an escape route, a backup plan, a plan B, are subtle signs to the Universe that you are not trusting its support but expecting everything to come to you in blind faith, without any investment from yourself on getting where you want to be. Knowing that you will be okay, in success or failure, is the key to letting the Universe know that you have surrendered to its wisdom and trust (not blindly) that step by step the path will become clear, even if sometimes we have to double back on ourselves.
No-one said aligning with the Universe was easy, but it is oh so beautiful

The Power of Journalling

My clients will tell you, I love journalling and specifically, telling THEM to journal! Not only does it placate my passion for cute stationery, but it is also so critical to keeping yourself in a good place emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
The main reason for getting your thoughts, emotions, fears and concerns down on paper, is because it is really, really difficult to get some perspective when it is whirling round inside your head. If you are finding that you are having the same thoughts or worries coming into your mind time and time again during the day, it is your brain's sign that it cannot process it, so get it down onto the journal, and that gives your brain space to then try to make sense of it.
A journal is not a literary piece of art, making perfect sense. It is a messy (I think the trendy phrase is a hot mess) jumble of words and thoughts that need to be acknowledged so that you can move on. sometimes you can get greater clarity by writing things down and seeing that the same issues came up before, and again, and again - you now know this is something that you need to work on. But even if there is no cycle to break, writing down how you felt and what you experienced during the day can be a perfect way of finding things to be grateful for, or warnings of something that needs to be resolved quickly, or signs that you are heading in the right direction (or wrong direction). It may not make sense to anyone else reading it, but it is not the point of a journal to make it accessible to others. This is for you.
You can start small. Each day, write down 3 things that you did, 3 emotions you have felt that day, 3 things you are grateful for. As you get used to the practice, it will naturally expand and become one of your go to resources for helping you make sense of your world.

Who Are Your Tribe?

We know that we need connection with others, but it is easy to get carried away by connections that are superficial and transitory because, well, they are so easy to deal with. Nobody expecting you to express your truth, everyone happy to play their part and the only pressure you feel is being what everyone else wants you to be so that their world makes more sense. Simple. Simple, but so lonely. We need people in our lives who we can express ourselves to, all of it, light and shadow, and know that they will hold us and cherish that we felt we could trust them with that knowledge. And these may not be people who you have known forever, or family, or those who you see on a daily basis. I have friends who I have known for only a few years who are so so important to me, because they see 'me', not the version of me that shows up elsewhere. When you find those people, they are not your friends - they are your tribe. The people who you can depend on, who know you warts and all and love you because of them not in spite of them. You get so much strength from finding your tribe and connecting on that level. So who have you got?

Social Media Numbness

Scrolling through social media, I see the same problem over and over again – people struggling with relationships, money, time, family, work – something in their life is draining away their enthusiasm, their drive, the energy they ned to get out of bed in the morning. But instead of trying to fix the problem, instead of trying to get happy, and make the changes necessary, they numb – with food, alcohol, TV and for that moment they do feel better – until they realise that the problem is still there the next day.
This is no way to live! You should be waking up in the morning looking at the day as a world of opportunities, not something that you need to grit your teeth to get through. Maybe being THAT bright first thing feels impossible at the moment – okay. Then how about just being able to go to sleep feeling a sense of peace, a sense of control that for all the crap you have to go through in your life, you can cope, you are strong enough, and it will get better?
Why would you not want that? Why does a bottle of prosecco currently look a better option in sorting your life out? What wisdom does chocolate cake give you about your situation and how to resolve it? That box set you’ve just binge-watched – did any of the characters tell you how to work out how to deal with your life? Are any of these going to make you feel better about yourself in the long run? Or – and more likely – will you use them to beat yourself up even more about how you can’t cope?
I’m here to tell you – YES YOU CAN. I’m not going to lie, you have to be ready to be vulnerable, and honest with yourself. But being able to go there will make you feel stronger than you ever thought possible. You will feel invincible. And that effect won’t wear off with the alcohol or the sugar, but it will be there when you wake up, as you go through your day, as you take control back of your life, and as you fall asleep at night. YOU have the ability to get through this.
The Energy Management & Protection workshop was created because helping you get control of your energy and therefore your life is my purpose, it is what I focus on every single day. If I can help you understand the way to get your power back and take control of your life, it is my mission to be there for you through that journey. This is a chance to find your voice, find your power but you have to take the first step. And it’s really not that brave – a day of your time to understand the concepts behind how energy works, practical exercises to show you in your own life how to see what is draining you, and a couple of techniques to enable you to move forward in your own power. A day.
So before you numb, before you try to ignore that nagging tension in the pit of your stomach, that sense of helplessness over where your life is right now – come along and see if you have to keep living that way.


Flip A Coin

Have you been struggling with a difficult situation, or a decision that you know you've got to make, but just feel that there is no 'right' answer? If there are only two sides flip a coin - before you see what it is, think - what do you want it to be? in that moment where it is taken out of our hands, it releases your intuition to give you your answer. If there are many choices, write them all down at the top of a paper each, and then underneath each, write what this choice would mean for you and how it makes you feel. Again, it is less about what you write and more about how you feel going through that process - do you feel relief Do you feel a very resolute 'No' coming up?
Try to ignore any feelings of fear, or anxiety - these are a self defence mechanism for keeping yourself from harm, a link back to our 'fight or flight' response. As you consider each as if you have made the decision, do you feel a lightness around one in particular? If you do (and you will) then that is the one to focus on. Any challenges that you bring up, any blocks can now be focussed on clearing, rather than continue to stay undecided with too many options.

World Suicide Prevention Day September 10th

It is so easy to sit in the darkness and feel alone because you can't see anyone but in reality you are surrounded.
Never be ashamed of admitting that you need support, love or help. It is why we exist, to connect and support each other.
The more we talk about it, the less scary it will become; the more it will become clear that we are not alone.
You are Safe, You are Loved and You are Protected xxx


There are so many connections that any one of us have, and it can be tiring to keep all of them going at the same time, so we let some rest while we nurture others. Sometimes we realise that we are missing a connection that we have ignored for some time and go back to it with renewed focus and meaning - but sometimes we realise we haven't really missed it at all. Knowing when to disconnect from a relationship that no longer serves you is as important as knowing how to do so.

If you struggle to know if you should disconnect, or even how to, then working with me may be the solution. Contact me for more details.

Find Your Flow

It always amazes me, how life goes on a go-slow every now and then, where every activity is delayed, blocked or stopped completely. Then you remember that it wasn't something that was aligned with what makes you happy and then boom! All of a sudden life is on warp speed again, going straight towards happy!

If you find your life feels stuck or blocked, take a look at what you are focussing on or doing at that time - if it doesn't get you closer to where you want to be, then the chances are you are being halted for that very reason.

Find your flow

Group Energy

Have you noticed how being in a room full of people has an effect on you? For example, the buzz that you get from being at a concert where everyone is waiting to have a good time? Or a football match, when your team have just scored a goal? Or when the opponents score?

Being in large groups can affect our energy and leave us feeling drained and washed out if we don't protect our energy and keep it separate to the 'group'. Whether the group is congregated for good or bad reasons, it is important that you know what is your stuff and what is the stuff of others.

Another example - if you commute. In London (UK), the commute to work can be one of the most depressing parts of your day and not always because you are affected by the journey. Sometimes, being in close proximity to lots of people who are not happy (to put it mildly) can bring your energy and mood down as well and you get into work already exhausted and ready for the day to be over.

If you recognise any of these situations or you recognise your response to them isn't really working for you, then let me help you understand your own energy, how you build it up, how you are using it and most importantly, how to keep it for yourself and unaffected by the thoughts, emotions and energy of others.

Embrace Your Bigness

Hi everyone! In the past couple of weeks I've done quite a few sessions and I have seen a common theme, that I wanted to share with you - it's about embracing your bigness. Now I don't mean physical size (pretty much because any size is perfect, nothing more to say). But your spiritual and energetic bigness. The power and strength you get from living more the way you want to and not offering any apologies for that. So many of us are being shown that by living with purpose and direction, we attract even more of it, and our lights are shining brighter than ever. That's why the attacks happen, that's why people start to try to get you back in your box, to quieten you down - because they see scarcity instead of abundance. They see that if you have more then they (obviously) have to have less. That is so untrue. The more of us who show that there is enough for everyone, the more we all grow!
People don't criticise you for being more - they criticise you for showing that they are less, by highlighting that it is possible for anyone to grow, if they want to. Excuses don't work if you have a living breathing example of greatness that shows what you are missing.
But this isn't permission to brag about our greatness, to rub anyone's noses in it. It is time to not only grow big but to also understand how you did it - because there will be a growing number of brave people, who finally ask you how you got where you are, how can you live your life so joyfully, and authentically, and they will want to know the secret. And remember, we all rise, or no-one rises - there are no winners or losers. So be aware of how amazing your life is, of how you think, feel and act every day to make that happen - so that you can guide others towards their bigness one day.