Pick Role Models Carefully ...

It occurred to me that there is something inbuilt in human beings that makes us search out others who have what we have, or are what we want to be. This has clearly saved us as a species - if there wasn't a second caveman who had started a fire, then we would have died out pretty quickly - but it has changed now from a survival instinct to something that helps us define how we feel fulfilled in our lives. We look particularly for role models when we feel something lacking in our own lives, that we haven't got something quite right. The logical part of us thinks that if there is someone else who has what we want, that by emulating them in some way we must end up getting what they have - many coaches out there will tell you exactly that - find it, mirror it, be it. But as human beings we do want to do what is easy, not what is right. So instead of following that logic through and understanding that all behaviour and manifested abundance comes from an internal intuitive led process that shows itself via the external happiness, grace and success that flows through - we short cut it and say, if I act like them, then that should work! And it doesn't - at all. Our starting points are completely different, our beliefs about what can be achieved are completely different and our confidence in success are completely different. but still we look for those who can help us shortcut the process. If this is how we are, then there are ways to use it more effectively and it all around which role models we choose and why. If you are picking a role model because of the things they possess, it is unlikely that you will be able to understand the mental, emotional and psychological processes needed to get those goods. But if you pick a role model who connects with you on that level, and you sense that they conduct themselves in such a way that they produce the results - then you stand a better chance of it sticking for you also (if you're prepared to do any work required in changing your beliefs and opinions). Role models should be chosen based on their internal energy, not external presentation.
Pick a role model with lineage. So for example, one of my role model and "we can be best friends I know we can" inspirations right now is Brene Brown and when you hear her talk, you realise that one of her role models is Oprah Winfrey, and when you hear Oprah talk you hear of her inspirations, such as Maya Angelou and then Maya Angelou was inspired by .... and so on. Each person who inspires us, has been inspired by others and the chances are that those would inspire you as well. Humanity's oral histories and storytelling have been done by those who others will listen to - literally. They were our original role models and so we want to find those in our society with the same genesis and evolution.


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