Mirror Exercise To Protect Your Energy From Negative People

I get asked a lot about ways of protecting your energy from negative or hostile people and obviously, the absolutely best way is to avoid those people altogether.  However, that's not always possible - and could make it very difficult for you to go about your daily life anyway.

So I wanted to share with you an exercise I give my clients to use, as the best way I know of to protect your energy quickly.

Picture that you are holding a mirror in front of you - a full-length, ornate mirror.  You are holding onto the back of it, so all you can see is the back of the mirror, so you can't see (and therefore feel) the negative energy coming your way.  This also means that the reflective side of the mirror is facing outwards, at the person throwing their negative vibes your way.

When people have negative energy themselves, in order to relieve their situation they try to 'throw' that energy away to other people - and if you accept it, then they feel better while you feel worse.  By using the mirror, they feel the energy come back at them, and can feel that it isn't very nice at all to have that coming at you.  You may find that they look confused, or start getting angry - as you can't see through the back of the mirror, you no longer respond to the energy and so they can see they are not having any impact.  As it is no longer comfortable for them, they move away from you and stop try (eventually).


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