Social anxiety is crippling. When I was younger, I suffered emotional bullying - the type which doesn't feel like bullying to those doing it, as they didn't touch me (much) and they didn't physically harm me (much). Instead, they would respond to everything I did with disdain, as if I was getting it wrong. And I'm talking about smiling at someone, saying hello, asking how the weekend was - every time I opened my mouth to interact with others, I was told, quite clearly, that I had got it wrong. Whatever the social rule book was, I didn't know it and couldn't get access to it. Instead, I had a handful of people who allowed me to just be myself, whatever that was - that embraced the slightly crazy from me, and ignored it when I got things wrong. They got me through school and I love them for it. But even their friendship couldn't stop me from feeling that I was never going to be socially accepted.

It has taken me many years and a lot of self awareness and development to recognise that such a rule book doesn't exist. but even when you say that logically, rationally, and you accept it to be true, that emotional impact carries on and feels impossible to shift.

My approach to helping people find peace is based on my spiritual journey and that has helped me learn to deal with my anxiety that comes back from time to time. But I help anyone who feels that their approach to dealing with their life is not working and they do not have to believe in anything other than their life should feel easier than it does.

Anxiety can be reduced and I firmly believe that the first step to that is feeling that you are not alone.

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