Being in the Eye of the Storm

Some days you can feel that the world around you is spinning, out of control and it looks too much to deal with. You don't recognise anything in the whirl, just emotions and feelings and thoughts that you don't recognise as being anything to do with you. In today's world where everyone is fighting to be heard and to be right, you can feel like you are in the eye of a huge emotional storm, where nothing is happening to you directly but you can see the chaos around and it frightens you.
You have two options. You can either join the stat still, wait for the storm to pick you up as it moves and leave yourself at the whim of whatever energy has picked you up ready to spit you out somewhere else. Or you can move with the storm to stay in the eye, to stay in the quiet, aware of but not a part of the chaos, and wait it out for the storm to die down (and it WILL die down).
You don't have to become part of the chaos. Be the eye of the storm, hold yourself strong by focusing on your calmness and peace.

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