Embrace Your Bigness

Hi everyone! In the past couple of weeks I've done quite a few sessions and I have seen a common theme, that I wanted to share with you - it's about embracing your bigness. Now I don't mean physical size (pretty much because any size is perfect, nothing more to say). But your spiritual and energetic bigness. The power and strength you get from living more the way you want to and not offering any apologies for that. So many of us are being shown that by living with purpose and direction, we attract even more of it, and our lights are shining brighter than ever. That's why the attacks happen, that's why people start to try to get you back in your box, to quieten you down - because they see scarcity instead of abundance. They see that if you have more then they (obviously) have to have less. That is so untrue. The more of us who show that there is enough for everyone, the more we all grow!
People don't criticise you for being more - they criticise you for showing that they are less, by highlighting that it is possible for anyone to grow, if they want to. Excuses don't work if you have a living breathing example of greatness that shows what you are missing.
But this isn't permission to brag about our greatness, to rub anyone's noses in it. It is time to not only grow big but to also understand how you did it - because there will be a growing number of brave people, who finally ask you how you got where you are, how can you live your life so joyfully, and authentically, and they will want to know the secret. And remember, we all rise, or no-one rises - there are no winners or losers. So be aware of how amazing your life is, of how you think, feel and act every day to make that happen - so that you can guide others towards their bigness one day.

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