Brene Brown

I am a big fan of Brené Brown - I love the way she shares her truth and insights through her research and the struggle she has in accepting it in her own life. I relate a lot to her frustration in having no choice but to embrace vulnerability to be strong!! I was watching her Super Soul Sunday talk about BRAVING with my daughter last week, and Brene talks about the marble jar that gets filled with marbles as people do the small things that make us open up to them and trust them. But I was left wondering - what about the people who don't have marble jar friends? If you have a large circle of friends then you can look at them and see which ones have which marbles, but what about those who don't have (or don't feel they have) friends of this sort, or indeed any sort? Loneliness and isolation are such painful things to have to accept in society, but it does exist, and not everyone will start out having people to connect with, and so their path into vulnerability may be to actually start trying to reach out and find them. But that is so hard to ask someone to step into vulnerability - I know it is about stepping into the arena but honestly, not while the lions are still free, surely?!?!
And then it dawned on me (actually it was more like a very insistent voice telling me until I listened!) - that is what I am. Peace For Your Soul is for more than inspirational quotes and musings, and helping people through their dark times - it is also my mission to be the marble jar friend for those who don't have one. I'm not the permanent marble jar friend but I want to be the lighthouse, the beacon that guides the lost back into connection. Because that is how I protect people and protect their spirits - and that is what i am here for. Thank you, Brené Brown, as always.

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