Are you getting the message to slow down?
At this time of year we are busier than ever, creating that 'perfect' Christmas and rushing from event to event. But this is also the time of year that nature slows down and beds in for a winter, animals start to hibernate and you may find yourself feel that it is more difficult to feel energised, preferring instead quiet nights, cosy fires and spontaneous napping on the sofa. These two extremes can leave us feeling more pressure than ever, do we rush around doing everything, or do we go slow? For me, what is the point of being busy if you are in such a rush, you can't appreciate any of the things you are frantically doing? I like the fact that at this time of year I get to review the year, see all of the progress and growth I have had this year, and start to think about what we want to manifest next year. I like that my body is trying to sync with nature, and take it easy, preparing for the spring when my energy will go back up and I will feel the push to create and strive forward once again.
So make sure you get some time over this festive period to switch off and tune out of the mayhem, and tune into the natural tendency to nurture and care for yourself.

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