Flip A Coin

Have you been struggling with a difficult situation, or a decision that you know you've got to make, but just feel that there is no 'right' answer? If there are only two sides flip a coin - before you see what it is, think - what do you want it to be? in that moment where it is taken out of our hands, it releases your intuition to give you your answer. If there are many choices, write them all down at the top of a paper each, and then underneath each, write what this choice would mean for you and how it makes you feel. Again, it is less about what you write and more about how you feel going through that process - do you feel relief Do you feel a very resolute 'No' coming up?
Try to ignore any feelings of fear, or anxiety - these are a self defence mechanism for keeping yourself from harm, a link back to our 'fight or flight' response. As you consider each as if you have made the decision, do you feel a lightness around one in particular? If you do (and you will) then that is the one to focus on. Any challenges that you bring up, any blocks can now be focussed on clearing, rather than continue to stay undecided with too many options.

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