What Proof Do We Need?

I was reading an article recently about how human beings will tell you that they desperately want the world to change, to be better - but they are hugely reluctant to make a change to their circumstances in order to achieve it. Now I think this is interesting. I think most people now recycle, think about the waste (if not, why not?!) and consider themselves to be making small changes for the greater good. But have we reached the edge of what we are prepared to change for the benefit of humanity? If the right thing for humanity was for us all to give up cars, or give up meat - would you do it? If you're like me, you immediately thought of all of the things that you liked doing when you have your car, or when you eat meat, and it just felt like too high a price. Yet, if we were shown concrete evidence that we will not survive without doing this - I'd hand my keys over straight away.

Humans always want proof before they change - proof that the change was necessary and had the desired outcome. But that's not the way life works. Regardless of spiritual or nonspiritual beliefs, we have to predict or forecast a future that we cannot guarantee, and so we are asked to make the changes in good faith.

What changes do you know you need to make, but it just feels too hard? Is it hard because you actually like where you are right now? Is it hard because of how drastically different your life would be? Or is it hard because you don't want to put yourself through something that might not make you feel any better?

My belief is that if you are feeling compelled to make a change, it is because it IS of benefit to you and to others. That feeling that you can't quite ignore, is telling you that the change is going to make your life better, if you would just trust that this is so. I'm not saying that the change won't be difficult, or hard, or painful - it may very well be. But it will get you to such a better place, I promise xxxx

Watching the news or reading social media can be a very negative experience, as so much hostility, tension and aggravation seems to be so loud and growing louder. But I am a firm believer that we cannot fight what we cannot see, and the only way to fight hatred, fear, anger, and ignorance is with love. By treating those around you with love, you make your own impact - that part of the world is no longer negative but brilliantly bright. If we all do this, if we all try to just focus on loving those we come into contact with, to show tenderness and compassion to all that we interact with, I truly believe that we can push these negative images out of humanity once and for all. Even if it doesn't feel like it, LOVE IS WINNING.

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