Lightbulb Moment

The most lightbulb moment of my week was listening and reading the Motivation Manifesto from Brendon Burchard - Live. Love. Matter. :

"Too many have fled this moment for yesterday or tomorrow, dreaming of a time and place they would rather be. To what result? Those who are alive but who are in a sense living in a different time from now are ghosts. They are never fully seen or sensed by their loved ones; THE BOUNTY OF THE UNIVERSE CANNOT FIND THEM TO GIFT THEM; they are dissipated, absent from the roll call of Now."
For me, this is such a powerful reminder of the power of the present. We try to manifest the life we want, and so we have to have a picture of the future, but we shouldn't stay there, because we have to stay in the present for it to be manifested in the present.
I am always telling my clients about keeping present, because that is where the magic happens.