Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are sticky, they hold on to your energy 'just in case' - just in case there is ever a time when you may experience that pain or hurt or fear again. Our egos tell us that we need to hold onto those emotions just in case' but really, what purpose does it serve? Does hurting now stop hurting later? Of course not. Dealing with and processing the pain eases it off, softens it so that you don't feel it any more.
So if you find yourself constantly 'ready' for pain, hurt, fear or anger, if you feel like you are primed for that all of the time, take a few moments to take some deep breaths, and on each exhale, think "I know this emotion now, I don't need to hold onto it any more," and picture it being blown out of your body on the breath.
Negative emotions will happen, as human beings we will always feel a mixture, a balance of both postive and negative. But don't hold onto those emotions 'just in case' - you don't need to.

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