Social Media Numbness

Scrolling through social media, I see the same problem over and over again – people struggling with relationships, money, time, family, work – something in their life is draining away their enthusiasm, their drive, the energy they ned to get out of bed in the morning. But instead of trying to fix the problem, instead of trying to get happy, and make the changes necessary, they numb – with food, alcohol, TV and for that moment they do feel better – until they realise that the problem is still there the next day.
This is no way to live! You should be waking up in the morning looking at the day as a world of opportunities, not something that you need to grit your teeth to get through. Maybe being THAT bright first thing feels impossible at the moment – okay. Then how about just being able to go to sleep feeling a sense of peace, a sense of control that for all the crap you have to go through in your life, you can cope, you are strong enough, and it will get better?
Why would you not want that? Why does a bottle of prosecco currently look a better option in sorting your life out? What wisdom does chocolate cake give you about your situation and how to resolve it? That box set you’ve just binge-watched – did any of the characters tell you how to work out how to deal with your life? Are any of these going to make you feel better about yourself in the long run? Or – and more likely – will you use them to beat yourself up even more about how you can’t cope?
I’m here to tell you – YES YOU CAN. I’m not going to lie, you have to be ready to be vulnerable, and honest with yourself. But being able to go there will make you feel stronger than you ever thought possible. You will feel invincible. And that effect won’t wear off with the alcohol or the sugar, but it will be there when you wake up, as you go through your day, as you take control back of your life, and as you fall asleep at night. YOU have the ability to get through this.
The Energy Management & Protection workshop was created because helping you get control of your energy and therefore your life is my purpose, it is what I focus on every single day. If I can help you understand the way to get your power back and take control of your life, it is my mission to be there for you through that journey. This is a chance to find your voice, find your power but you have to take the first step. And it’s really not that brave – a day of your time to understand the concepts behind how energy works, practical exercises to show you in your own life how to see what is draining you, and a couple of techniques to enable you to move forward in your own power. A day.
So before you numb, before you try to ignore that nagging tension in the pit of your stomach, that sense of helplessness over where your life is right now – come along and see if you have to keep living that way.

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