The Spirit Within The Physical

Our spiritual energy depends on our physical bodies to carry it around - while we are in human form, we have no choice but to care for the physical body as much as our energetic or spiritual one. It may feel indulgent to have a lie in, treat yourself to a massage or feed yourself nourishing food, but it is actually just what we are supposed to do. If we keep our body nourished, it is easier for us to keep our souls nourished. Why? Because showing the intent that you plan on taking care of yourself in the physical form sets the intention to the Universe that you will do the same for your energetic body, and you will find that your energy is less likely to 'leak' into connections that are not for your benefit.

So next time you feel that your body needs to rest or some TLC, embrace it fully - you will be taking care of both body and mind.

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