Strength - both physical and mental - are required when we are asked to do something greater than we have done before. We build strength in order to handle more. Physical strength is tangible, and increasing it feels achievable because there is a formula, a proven system of exercise and nutrition that science has proven works. Mental and emotional strength is intangible, and because of this, it feels more difficult to find and maintain. But, much as you would with physical exercise, repeated practice of strengthening your mind and processing your emotions can make it easier to step up when needed.
Meditation helps in strengthening the mind, as it provides the brain with time to focus on what it needs to deal with and move on from, rather than keep balancing like a spinning plate. Quiet reflection provides insights that you don't get elsewhere, and putting in a reminder that you are strong, that you are capable of dealing with whatever life throws at you, and that you will figure out any problem that comes your way helps that emotional and mental muscle to develop and grow, just as much as the muscles on our bodies.
Strength can also be found in others - in our tribes, the people who are with us and around us and who make us feel bigger and more powerful because they are there for if we fall. We can only support others if we accept support from others - and we collectively strengthen as a whole.
Today, while you exercise your body, exercise your mind to be bigger, better, bolder.

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