The Power of Journalling

My clients will tell you, I love journalling and specifically, telling THEM to journal! Not only does it placate my passion for cute stationery, but it is also so critical to keeping yourself in a good place emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
The main reason for getting your thoughts, emotions, fears and concerns down on paper, is because it is really, really difficult to get some perspective when it is whirling round inside your head. If you are finding that you are having the same thoughts or worries coming into your mind time and time again during the day, it is your brain's sign that it cannot process it, so get it down onto the journal, and that gives your brain space to then try to make sense of it.
A journal is not a literary piece of art, making perfect sense. It is a messy (I think the trendy phrase is a hot mess) jumble of words and thoughts that need to be acknowledged so that you can move on. sometimes you can get greater clarity by writing things down and seeing that the same issues came up before, and again, and again - you now know this is something that you need to work on. But even if there is no cycle to break, writing down how you felt and what you experienced during the day can be a perfect way of finding things to be grateful for, or warnings of something that needs to be resolved quickly, or signs that you are heading in the right direction (or wrong direction). It may not make sense to anyone else reading it, but it is not the point of a journal to make it accessible to others. This is for you.
You can start small. Each day, write down 3 things that you did, 3 emotions you have felt that day, 3 things you are grateful for. As you get used to the practice, it will naturally expand and become one of your go to resources for helping you make sense of your world.

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