Who Are Your Tribe?

We know that we need connection with others, but it is easy to get carried away by connections that are superficial and transitory because, well, they are so easy to deal with. Nobody expecting you to express your truth, everyone happy to play their part and the only pressure you feel is being what everyone else wants you to be so that their world makes more sense. Simple. Simple, but so lonely. We need people in our lives who we can express ourselves to, all of it, light and shadow, and know that they will hold us and cherish that we felt we could trust them with that knowledge. And these may not be people who you have known forever, or family, or those who you see on a daily basis. I have friends who I have known for only a few years who are so so important to me, because they see 'me', not the version of me that shows up elsewhere. When you find those people, they are not your friends - they are your tribe. The people who you can depend on, who know you warts and all and love you because of them not in spite of them. You get so much strength from finding your tribe and connecting on that level. So who have you got?

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