Do You Pay Your Dues??

Do you pay your dues??

An advert recently appeared on the PayPal site, which talks about paying friends your share of the cinema trip, the meal, the night taxi home - in order to save face with your friends. Although the advert is a bit too guilt ridden for my liking, the ethos behind it has some truth.

We don't tend to think of money as energy, but that is exactly what it is - it is the energetic exchange that we use on Earth, to show that one person's actions have value to us. We want to buy a product, we hand over money and we expect the item back in return. It is the easiest energetic transaction to understand if thinking about your energy and what you do with it is still new to you.

This is why debt feels so heavy. We know that there is energy that we must give back, and in some cases the amount is so large that we cannot physically manifest that amount of energy to cover it. Think of it this way. If you had a debt of £1000, but you had £20,000 in the bank, you wouldn't be worried about paying it back at all, because you can do it in a instant, and not really miss it. Then consider the time when you owe £1000, but you only have £100 - you start feeling dragged down by the obligation. Even if you will have access to the money next payday, you still have to get there - and that time in between can drag so badly.

This is why we should try to minimise debt in our lives, because it leaves an energetic connection that then HAS to stay active until we have repaid. You know that hiding the credit card bill won't make it go away - and every second of the day you know exactly where that bill is, which drawer, and the number on it. You are tied whether you want to be or not.

We can't always have zero debt, and it would be wrong to think that is the only way to be. Instead, we have to mindful of how many different energetic links we are creating, so that we don't seep our energy away.

So if you do owe your friend money from a meal, it is about understanding that not paying that back is going to energetically impact you until you do - and it is a two way thing, they won't feel great until it is paid also. This is exactly why friendships and relationships find it tough to deal with financial arrangements impacting them - it changes the way the energy is supposed to work.

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