Get Off Your Phone!

That's what we are told now, isn't it? Put the phone down, stop looking at screens, have a digital detox and get back in your head. This is all really good advice, and you absolutely should have time in your day where the connection is not based on your wifi signal.

But that isn't enough. We have normally reached for our devices because life has got hard in some way and we can escape via the app or the feed or the kittens and puppies. Even if we put the phones down, if we don't deal with what is hard, then you may as well have the phone in your hand 24/7.

One of the main reasons for life feeling hard is that your energy is being given away carelessly, without thought and without intention, and you are staying connected to people and situations that are draining you even when you are not around them.

So if you are going to get off your phones, don't do so and leave these connections alive and well - use the time to clean your energy, maintain good energetic connections and destroy those that are no longer serving you. If you look after your own energy levels, then you won't be so worried about the battery life on the device that you are currently dependent on.

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