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Energy Management & Protection Online Workshop

Are you exhausted by dealing with draining relationships / friendships / colleagues? Have you got no energy at the end of the day but don’t know why, or how to make it better?  Are you finding it difficult to keep going because of career problems, financial difficulties or challenges on your emotional and mental wellbeing?

In this workshop we will be focussing on how to recognise your own energy and separate it from that of others, how to cleanse and protect it, and how to set up protection that allows you to better control your connections and relationships. 

Topics include:

What is your energy? How do you feel it, sense it, acknowledge it?

Energy cleanse – cleaning your energetic field and keeping it clean!

Understanding energy transactions, as it impacts your relationships, career, finances and mental wellbeing.

Tending to your Energy 'Garden' - a practical exercise that shows you what energetic connections you have and whether they are working for you or against you. We cover how to cultivate and tend to those you want to keep and how to handle those connections that are no longer working for us.

There will be lots of opportunities to ask questions, talk about where you are right now and use the workshop to help you begin using energy more positively. 

I work with individuals and groups who are looking to get back control of their energy, getting back a sense of empowerment and confidence, feeling stronger and more able to cope when life is thrown at you. I know that facing a loss of direction or focus can make you anxious, lonely, and frustrated. But I also know that between us, we can get you there.

Full Price: £33

Location:  Online


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