Lee has helped me to reconnect with my soul and to trust my intuition. She has given me skills and techniques to live a happier life. Helping me to feel free and be who I am. The life purpose reading I had with her has been extremely detailed and accurate and contributed towards helping me understand who I am and my purposes in life.
Lee is an amazing individual. She is warm, calm, strong, insightful and extremely gifted.
— VB
Wow! Thank you so much Lee for the detail and insight into my life that you provided. Having never had a reading like this before, I am super impressed by the newfound awareness and understanding I now have after my Life Purpose Reading. Armed with the knowledge of my soul purpose, personality traits and past life scars, I can make more informed choices and decisions and see how these elements affect my every day life. An extra special touch provided by Lee was the video recording, so that you can listen back and take in everything that was said during the reading, and even discover moments you might have missed during the intensity of the initial video call. Thank you again.
— JW
This was my first ever reading and I was blown away by the depth and clarity that Lee was giving me and delivered in such a way that I could clearly understand without any prior knowledge of my astrological chart.
Thank you Lee for expanding my depth of learning and knowing.
— James
I had an astrological birth chart reading with Lee, she thoroughly explained my chart and what each element meant for me and how that might look in my life. It really helped me gain a greater understanding of myself and was hugely reassuring that I seem to be on the right path and that many aspects of my life and personality I’ve been concerned or confused by suddenly made sense. I’ve been recommending Lee to all my friends, this feels like knowledge everyone should have access to about themselves.
— Laura
I had a fantastic birth chart reading with Lee. She was was super clear, knowledgable and patient when I had questions. I really valued how Lee took notes so I could be totally engaged and connected to what she was saying. I received in writing everything we discussed so now I can keep referring back to it whenever I need. A really beautiful and engaging experience that I would throughly recommend.
— Lucy
I really enjoyed my session with Lee! It was very insightful, clear and practical. A lot of interesting insights opened up to me during and after the consultation — working with Lee was an absolutely delightful experience! A lot of things that I’ve been unclear about became more clear, and I know I will be constantly coming back to this session to always remind myself of the essential things that are truly important in this life
— ZG
I met Lee through her Facebook page and I can’t fully express how much of a difference it has made to my life just by interacting with her and seeing her Facebook live sessions. I first joined Lee’s group when I was suffering from complex PTSD due to sexual abuse in my teenage years and it had left me with a severe case of anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I was at breaking point and had no way to deal with what I was feeling. Meeting Lee changed all of that. I finally feel in control of my emotions and I have a much better understanding of what I’m feeling, why and how I can control it so it no longer controls me.

Lee is a very strong, calming presence and whenever I interact with her I’m left with a feeling of joyful peace. For that, I will never be able to thank her enough for all she has done to make the lives of myself and others better and more peaceful. 
— Anne
My reading with Lee was a fascinating and wonderful experience that I would highly recommend to anyone feeling called to this work.
Her insight really helped me to gain clarity in myself and a deeper understanding of my souls journey so far. Since our session I’ve felt more accepting of my whole self, more confident and at peace with myself, my life and circumstances. She has such a warm and kind energy and I felt totally safe and trusting. It was so helpful to receive a recording of our time together, and listening back to it and making notes alongside my birth chart helped me to process everything we explored. Thank you Lee!
— Becky
Lee is immensely gifted and intuitive and I was actually quite blown away by my reading. It was so much more detailed than I expected and I couldn’t believe how much attention was paid to the details of my chart. This isn’t fluffy stuff here either! Much of the insights Lee shared were very surprising at first - even quite confronting, which is why it’s important that anyone who has a reading matches Lee’s intuition, skill and compassion with an open mind and willingness to accept things about themselves that they might have previously swept under the rug but known deep down. Or, to accept and think on things that might initially come as a complete surprise! The reading was really so self-explorative for me. By understanding my chart more and all the depths of myself, I can now use this to apply practically within my life. How I show up, how I interact with people, how I want other people to see me and how I can take more control when fear might take over for example. 

Thank you so much Lee - this was such a help to me and you have a real gift!
— Laura
I thought the astrology chart reading was extremely insightful and although I was apprehensive about the process your calm and clear explanation of the different components meant I could easily understand the meaning even though this was the first time I had had such a reading. This left me yearning for more insights to help me on my journey. I shared this with my sister and she commented upon the accuracy of the reading
— Pauline
Lee has a unique intuition which has led her to find me and in turn help me find my own path. Lee’s blogs have giving me such confidence in making changes in my life; I now feel grounded, stronger and much more in control.  Thank you Lee you are truly an amazing person.
— Pippa
Lee was an incredible guide; taking me through my charts, thoroughly explaining and helping me explore everything. I personally found the session quite emotional, as it’s not often to focus on myself for a long period of time, but Lee was very sensitive and helped answer my questions and was very respectful of my feelings. I’d recommend this to anyone who is looking to explore who they are - it’s really helped me find a little bit more of myself.
— CK
I had never been that interested in astrology before my friend kindly gifted me a session with Lee Lam - but now I’m hooked! Lee is so kind & graceful in her approach, and I gained so much helpful insight in to myself and the way I think & respond the world around me. I cannot recommend a session with Lee highly enough - it’s incredibly powerful & transformative.
— Persia Lawson, author, speaker & love coach, persialawson.com
Working with Lee has been a breath of fresh air! The session just flew by and I received so much from our time together. Her warm, kind and supporting energy really made me feel safe and relaxed, as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was astounded by her level of detail and insight into aspects of my life, specifically related to work and career... there were many “goosebump” moments and it was such a positive experience. 

I would highly recommend Lee’s services, this is one amazing lady !
— Natalie
Tonight I exposed a lot of very charged thoughts and processes to Lee. I felt neither judged, misunderstood, reprimanded or undermined. I felt held. There is not knowledge can match the wisdom. There is not a book that can contain the words. Lee provides no formula, no doctrine and no ulterior motive, she simply opens the door to freedom when a soul believes it is trapped between four walls.
I can smell the fresh air now. I can again breathe.
Thank you Lee
— Seanin
I have worked with Lee for six months. I love working with someone who is genuine, sincere, kind and loving. In the past six months Lee has helped me turn my life around. Lee pushes me and knows my limits and is always available for additional help/advice. I feel blessed to work with her.
— Liz