Protection Ritual 20 Jan 2019

Today the clear message was CLARITY and FOCUS. The key is not to get bogged down in details that do not matter, or do not move you forward. Navel gazing can feel like self discovery, but unless it provides you with useful information that you can use going forward, it is muddying the waters.

At the beginning of a new year, we all want to know what the year will bring, and if we could predict success and happiness we would probably worry far less! But, our journey is not set by the movement of the planet and the passing of time, but by our ability to pay attention and learn and discover things about ourselves and others that we can use. If you think about it - why does it take some months to master a new skill, when it may take others years? Mainly because of the amount of focus and time they commit to it. The clearer you can be each day about what you want to achieve, and the life that you would like to have, the easier it is for the universe to conspire on your behalf. The Universe can help, but it can only work on what we give it - if you don’t get clear on what you want then nothing can be created.

It is a tricky balance, because ideally you want to focus in and get clear on what you want, but also you want to then surrender the how to the Universes - and that is the hard bit. Manifesting can feel that you are taking control of everything, but really you are taking control only of the feeling you want to achieve - then the universe designs the life events that will get you there. So when you are trying to get clarity, focus on how you want to feel, and what your ideal day would feel like - and then let go of how you are going to get there. You provide the destination - the Universe will show you the way.


Protection Ritual 16 Dec 2018

This month’s protection ritual has been completed.

The message in today’s ritual was PURGE.

It was explained that each of you have had situations recently where there has been a disconnect or a sudden break from something. Even though it wasn’t a healthy connection for you, you still mourn its loss and struggle with trying to understand what it means to no longer have it.

The message is that there is currently a purge of unhealthy energies and connections so that you can continue to progress. Whilst painful, they are necessary for you to carry on. It is advisable that you look to each and think about what you can learn from those connections - why is that being purged from your life? What was it offering and what was it impacting? There are no coincidences, so if something is happening right now that is unnerving you, it will be this disconnection process.

You are advised to carry on, to learn what you need to from each situation and then let it go. Allow it to pass into your memory banks as wisdom received, and then use it to guide your steps forward.

The protection has been placed around you, and you are safe, you are loved and you are protected xxx