Protection Ritual 17 March 2019

Today’s message was joined by some dramatic imagery of storms - big electric storms that shot brilliant white light down into the earth. It was powerful and awesome in its size and intensity, but within that i felt safe.

The theme was STORMS - both in humanity at large and in your personal life. Though you may feel that you are caught int the middle of a huge storm, one that is frightening because of its brilliance, the message it to remind you that within the storm, you are safe.

Like watching a thunderstorm from the safety of your home, so you are protected in a bubble of light from the storms surrounding you, so any fear that you are feeling about your situation right now is coming from you, not from the situation. So ask yourself - if I didn’t feel scared, what would I do?

We are asked to remain conscious of staying within the safety provided - don’t take unnecessary risks - but to allow ourselves to feel safe and secure.