Protection Ritual 7th July 2019

There were two messages in this evening’s ritual.

Believe in your strength. It can be easy to feel that the things that you are having to cope with, the burdens you carry are too heavy and seem unfair when you compare to others who seem to have less to deal with. It’s important to remember that everyone is given what they can cope with and we won’t always see or understand what other people’s burdens are. It is also important to see that the burdens you are given are a proof of your strength, not to demonstrate your weakness. If you hold anything heavy for too long, eventually you will weaken and it will become harder to hold on. We are not supposed to hold burdens for a long time, so if you are finding that you feel weak, that you don’t know how much longer you can cope for, take a look to see if there is something that you needed to have put down before now. Not every burden will have a perfect and neat resolution, but many absolutely do. Maybe the question isn’t how to keep the strength to keep carrying it, but what will it take for you to be able to put it down?

Believe in your bigness. This was a big one for me personally, as I struggle with this all of the time. Much of what I do involves becoming very visible so that I can help people, but I find it difficult to know whether my intention is pure. When we strive for visibility or ‘success’, it is easy for our ego to come in and take over, taking us from “I can do so much to show others how they can be big as well” to “I am big and so much more than others”. You can see how this becomes so destructive. Coupled with the fact that many times, when I have those moments of success or gratitude, I’m almost immediately slapped down with something happening that reminds me I’m basically nothing - and it would be easy to see it straight away as a sign that I should be more humble. But in tonight’s ritual, I was shown a different perspective - I was told that maybe those knockdowns were not to tell me that my previous bigness was also or fake, but that it is important to strive for the bigness every single day. When we climb a mountain, and we reach the top, the only way is down - we feel that there is nothing more to achieve. But what if as the sun rose the next day, you found yourself at the bottom of another mountain, with a higher summit and more to discover? I realised that I procrastinate a lot because it feels never-ending, this quest to keep being more. But for me this message tells me that this is kind of the point - that we are supposed to reach for greatness, for bigness every single day, regardless of what happened the day before. This is why it is is important to journal every single evening as a way of thanking the universe for the day you have had, and getting ready to do it all again the next day. Ironically, if you do this, across the days, weeks and months, you can see just how much you do achieve, even though it can feel that you are going back to the beginning each time. The thing to remember is that it is a NEW BEGINNING.