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Thank You!

Welcome to the Soul Inner Circle!

As stated on the previous page, please CLICK HERE to get your email address added to a list used solely for communication about the Circle.  You will receive an email shortly containing the password needed to get into the SIC pages - this password changes every month and so please make sure you make a note of it and that this email does not go into your Junk folder - otherwise you might not be able to get back on!

Please follow the link below to access the content of the Circle which includes:

  • In-depth articles covering subjects such as protection, energy management, energy dynamics and grief/bereavement;

  • Meditations recorded exclusively for this group;

  • The SIC Discount, which offers sessions, readings, courses and blankets at a 20% discount from the normal price on the shop - please use discount code SIC20

  • Information on exclusive online seminars to be held only for the Soul Inner Circle

  • There is a 'chat' post set up to allow you to contact me via the site with any questions or comments you have - the closest thing I can get to a forum or community on the site!

I can't wait to share this great content with you and help you achieve true Peace For Your Soul.

Love and Light,

Lee xx