Cleaning Your Space

Housework never sounds very much fun, but energetically it is one of the most important things you can do. Whie you appreciate your body’s energy and its capacity to hold onto old thoughts or emotions that are no longer helpful, you also have to ensure that your physical space around you is also clean of any negative energy that could affect your moods. Our place of residence is our home, and our conenction back to the earth’s energy. If you do any form of spiritual work, you will know that energy builds up in certain locations - if you always meditate in the same place, for example, the energy of that space will be altered. You will also be aware that once you are in that space it is easier and easier to relax and meditate, because your body and soul are now primed for doing that activity and making that connection in that space.

The same is true of your home. When you enter your home and move around in it, you will imprint your emotions onto the energy of the house. Have you ever walked into a room where a couple have been fighting? Even though the argument is long over, you can still feel it in the air. Entering old buildings has a similar effect - the walls hold the energy of everyone who has ever walked through it, and that is why for some people old houses or buildings feel so strange - they are picking up on just how many people have walked in the same place they are standing now!

While you cannot get rid of all of the energy imprinted into a building, it is possible to clean it to the point where it doesn’t hold onto negative energy that you may take back on board. It is a good habit to get into - alongside the hoovering or cleaning the windows, get used to cleansing the energy as well. It is simple and - as you will keep hearing me say - it is all about the intention of your actions rather than a great ritual, although a ritual can be helpful to set the intention (hopefully that makes sense).

1 - Clean house - make sure you do your housekeeping first - as you are cleaning and dusting and polishing, the energy is being agitated - just like the dirt - into the air, so you must do the house work first to make sure the surfaces do not hold onto any of the ‘dirty’ energy. If possible (and not too cold) have a window open, preferably the one furthest away from your front door. When you cleanse the energy, you will be effectively sweeping the energy from the front door, all the way through the house and up to the uppermost part of your house, letting it all out of the window. Whilst doing the housework, having the window open starts this process.

2 - Smudge - there are several things that you can use to clean the energy of a house. The most popular is white sage, which you can buy as a stick of leaves wrapped tightly together. You burn the leaves, but you want the embers to smoke rather than for there to be flames. As the smoke builds up, wave the stick around the room closest to the front door, starting from the floor up. Visualise the smoke getting into every crevice of the room, cleaning it all away. The white sage is hugely effectively, but can be a little messy as you have to be very careful of ash falling from it (I hold an abalone shell below the stick as I go around, to catch the members as they fall - this is VERY important!). Another option is palo santo, a wood that you burn in the same way as the white sage, following the same process, floor to ceiling, corner to corner. as you finish each room, you are guiding the smoke out and up to the open window and so you go through the rest of your house until you enter the final room with the window open. Once completed, leave the window open for at least an hour afterwards to make sure it is all gone.

If you don’t like the idea of burning anything, there is now an amazing range of room aura sprays that you can get, which have been created to cleanse the energy and usually leave a light scent behind. There are a range of essential oils and crystals used to make each one, and so you can choose the one that you like the most - it is usually the one you need.

Once the house is smudged, it is a good idea to set the intention of keeping it clean. for a couple of moments, stand close eyed near your front door, and picture only letting good energy back into the house. You may visualise yourself happy and joyful entering the house, or your loved ones walking through smiling - whatever image helps you establish the intention to create a positive and high vibe place that is your home.