Clearing People Connections

You know that some people are just not good for you to be around, but it can be difficult to know how to disconnect yourself from them, both in physically keeping space from them and energetically ‘cutting the cord’. What does cutting the cord mean? Every time you interact with someone and build a relationship with them of any sort, you create an energetic link to them. This is true no matter how much or little you deal with them - even when you go into a shop to buy a pint of milk, you will create an energetic link to the person who serves you. These links are soul to soul and you are recognisable to each other on that level. However, once the transaction is over and you get your change back, you subconsciously cut the cord because it is no longer required. However, imagine if the transaction didn’t go well. Maybe the assistant tried to overcharge you, maybe they were rude to you in some way - now when you leave the store, the cord is still there and you yank it every now and then because emotionally they upset you and you haven’t let that go.

If this type of connection can be created with the local supermarket cashier, just imagine the connections you have that are far more meaningful! And this is the problem - you can build up literally hundreds of connections with people over a short space of time, and depending on the emotion and energy that runs along that line or cord, depends on whether it is good or bad for you.

If a connection is no longer good for you, or you feel that there is little left to keep connected for, then you are able to cut the cords and release them. Please bear in mind that in some cases, you can do this with people who you will reconnect with - sometimes the energetic link can get disrupted and communication becomes difficult and so the easiest way of resolving the issue is to ‘cut the cord’ and allow the connection to start again afresh.

It sounds a very dramatic process - cutting the cords - but essentially, it is a practice that it based around your intent and nothing else. If you intend to break the connection, then it will be broken. However, showing that you intend to break it can be really difficult - if it is a connection that has pain, grief or regret attached to it, the then it can be tough to let it go without some sort of resolution or discussion. Therefore some form of ritual or a practice of visualisation can help you feel that the matter is resolved and therefore can be released.

My top way of cutting cords is a three stage process.

1 - Resolve the relationship - you can either write a letter, or picture a conversation with the person where you say what you want to say to them, warts and all. This letter will never get sent to them, but it is showing your mind and soul that you are ready to let go. Put down everything that you would like to say to them, what you would like them to know, and keep going until you feel empty, neutral, as if there are no more words. At this point, the energy that you have connected with that relationship is now in the letter, not in you.

2 - Visualise your disconnection - picture yourself in a calm, serene place, near whichever element feels most appropriate. You see strands of light coming off you, snaking out to shaded images of other people, with light pulsing down each one, in both directions. Begin to focus in on the silhouette of the person that you want to disconnect from, building up a solid clear image of them, still showing the strand of light. Put your hand to your heart chakra, where the line of light starts from, grip the light tightly, and with a final word of love, pull the light from your chest, and you will see it disconnect and the light dim. As the light fades, the image of that person also fades and disappears, and you send it with love.

3 - Clear and clean - take your letter and burn it, making sure that all traces of the words written are burnt. Once the ashes are cooled, throw them away (in a garden is best, as the energy returns to the earth. Take a shower, and picture the water carrying a blue light with it. As the water cleans your physical body, the blue light cleanses your aura and energetic body, and all traces wash away.

If the connection re-establishes, it will not carry any of the old energy and as such, you can begin anew with a connection that provides for you as much as it takes.