Picture a hot air balloon. Ready to fly into a sunset sky, the balloon is full of air, pushing away from its guide ropes, and eager to rise into the dusk sky. Underneath the balloon is the basket, with sandbags attached that are helping to keep the balloon from flying up never to return to earth again, and the anchor is firmly fixed into the ground, sturdy and unmoveable, safe in the knowledge that the balloon is not going anywhere until it is safe to do so.

In this image, which part do you resonate most with? As you live on the physical plane, you interact with the four elements - fire, earth, air and water - and each can affect us in a different way. Fire makes you want to act, like the hot flames firing up underneath the balloon, just wanting to get going. Air controls your thoughts, it affects how much you allow your thoughts to take you away from your body and into your mind. Air unrestrained will keep going up and and up and is so light, it never wants to come back to earth. remember it is gravity that keeps our atmosphere - our air - coupled to the earth, even though it does not want to stay in place. Water is like the sand bags, emotional weight and baggage that holds you down and can affect how smoothly you fly if they are unbalanced. If they are too heavy, you won’t fly at all. Lastly the earth holds us down, it keeps us safe and grounded, so that you always have a firm grip and are anchored to the earth and its energy that you need as you live as a human being.

Each element and its affects are extremely important but you can see how they have to also be carefully balanced. And the one that you are most likely to struggle with it earth, and the sense of being grounded.

Being human is hard and heavy. You face challenges and struggles, emotional imbalance and heartbreak, in the quest for learning the lessons you came back to learn, with the aim that one day, you will not have to come back at all. Your soul is light and want to return to the spiritual plane, and not be weighed down but your physical body, but you can’t let that happen, as you will not learn what you need to. So you will find that occasionally you will need to think of grounding and resetting your connection to the earth, to remind yourself of your humanity.

How will you know if you are ungrounded? Well, mainly because you will feel literally untethered - energetically and emotionally all over the place, emotionally stressed, trapped in your head and in your thoughts. You may feel unsure of your next move, disconnected from those around you and invisible to others. In response, you may find that you want to escape, as you finding life just too hard and too difficult.

The main thing to do is to get back into your body as soon as possible. If you picture the hot air balloon, you want to pitch your anchor again and hold down the balloon so that you feel connected , safe and secure once again. There are a few options you can choose to help.

1 - Do gardening - if the weather allows, pottering about in the garden is a great way of literally connecting with the earth once again. Tending to the plants, removing weeds, clearing space are all good ways to remind your body what being grounded feels like, and can be very therapeutic

2 - Cook and eat - again, you need to do something that you experience in your body not your ind, and so cooking a meal is a great way to ground. Because it also combines your senses together, and gets you to focus on the experience of creating and then eating the food, it reminds you how wonderful your body and the human experience can be.

3 - Exercise and physical activity - doing some exercise is another way of getting back in your body and before you ask, yes, sex counts as exercise here. Doing something that requires our physical body to exert effort forces us back down into it, and there is the chemical rush of endorphins when you are finished.

4 - Meditation - sometimes the silence of meditation can help you get back into your body quickly and can take only a few minutes - handy if you are at work and don’t have that much time to reset yourself. A really useful meditation (soon to be recorded here for you) is the 5 Senses meditation. During the course of the meditation, you involve all 5 sense individually which connects you back to your physical body very quickly. You work your way through the sense, concentrating on what you can see, hear, touch, taste and smell and it is wonderful way of being extremely calm and present.

When you feel the need to ground, you are really wanting to reconnect with the present. Your minds, thoughts and emotions tend to focus on what has happened or what is going to happen, yet the place where you hold the most power is in the present, where you just exist and have faith that the answers will show themselves in that moment.