Reclaiming Feminine and Masculine Balance

Regardless of gender, you have masculine and feminine energy and together they create the energy that you put out into the world. As you may expect, the masculine energy is for survival, assessing threats and seeking strategies to live and survive. It is the left brain energy, that of logic, rational thought and methodical movement - each action or thought has to be finished before another one can take over. It is what keeps us alive, and so is incredibly important. however, you can possibly see that if it is allowed to take over, it can also be quite isolating because by definition it is keeping it ‘you’ away from ‘them’ who may seem to harm you. Everything become competitive and can be hostile or aggressive if left unchecked.

Feminine energy is softer, and is connected to the right side brain, that of creativity, emotional connectivity and holistic thinking. Feminine does not look at thing sequentially - it takes the situation and looks at everything that might affect it at the same time. The feminine energy is sometimes why there is the idea that women are better at multitasking - they are not really, but the feminine energy is good at understanding that things are not lineal and straightforward, but complex and delicate. The feminine energy looks to seek connection with others, understanding that you are stronger together than apart (although still powerful as individuals). Again though, left unchecked and the feminine energy can make you feel lost, as you struggle to decide what the best options are for you. Whereas the masculine energy will make decisions quickly and urgently, the feminine wants to take in so many perspectives that it can get stuck in its own analysis paralysis.

A balance of the two is required. If you have feminine and masculine energy working together, you have the ability to see threats, see how to operate in the world and think rationally, but you will also understand how to take everything and everyone into account, displaying emotional intelligence and compassion towards situations. You may tough decisions, but you are tactful and compassionate in communicating that out to others.

If you look at how you approach life at the moment, which side is in charge? Do you feel that the masculine ‘hard’ energy is in control, or do you feel the feminine softness and sensitivity in charge? The aim is not to get rid of either side but to allow each side to work at its best, allowing you to better manage life in the physical world.

For practice, take a look at the Reclaiming Your Feminine Energy meditation, which helps you access both sides and experience the two halves of who you are.