Allow me to guide you to a place of spiritual safety and strength


Working with me is really simple.

Intuitive Guidance

An hour session, we begin by discussing where you are now and what challenges or issues you are facing at the moment.  During the session I connect with my guides, your guides, any angels that are currently around you and sometimes energies of those who have passed in order to help you find a solution to the issue.  Sometimes the issues you face related to particular people who are energetically impacting your ability to move on positively in your life.  I can identify these and break those connections, putting spiritual protection around you whilst you strengthen your own resolve and are able to move on without support.  This protection allows you to feel supported and nurtured, but it is not there to take over from your free will or your own ability to solve your challenges - it is to stand by your side while you become more comfortable in your own power.

Please bear in mind that this is NOT mediumship - it is connection with your higher self and the higher vibrations to be able to assist you.

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